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Let Julian & J.Sheon be your wingmen!

More than 8,000 people joined. A member saved her relationship through the event and congratulated by thousands.
Marketing2019 / 12 / 28

Dcard, the largest youth online community in Taiwan, holds a heartwarming Christmas project "J confession is crazy enough" (video link) for Dcard members! The R&B singer, Julia Wu and J. Sheon be your wingmen!

Nearly 8,000 people participated in the event. Some even saved their relationship via the event and shared stories on Dcard, which was then celebrated by members.

Julia and J. Sheon also picked the best lines and sang them into their songs to give to Dcard members. Julia and J. Sheon have even registered their own exclusive Dcard accounts. Lucky members will have the opportunity to be friends with Julia and J. Sheon on Dcard and to directly chat with them.

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