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Dcard 2019 Year in review! How much do you know about the Generation Z?

The most discussed YouTuber: RD English, J.A.M., Alisasa, Wackyboys, Aga Tsai
Operation2020 / 01 / 20

Dcard, the largest youth online community in Taiwan, announced its 2019 annual review. The following are the top 5 things that young people cares about the most.

  1. The most discussed YouTubers on Dcard: RD English, J.A.M., Alisasa, Wackyboys, Aga Tsai

  2. Top interests in everyone's self-intro: movies, music, travel, and sleeping

  3. The articles that have received the most attention, contain elements that make card friends "kneel down", "scared" or "laugh miserably".

  4. The top three newly rising billboards, saving money, jokes and stubborn pictures.

  5. The most concerned social and current affairs issues revolve around anti-send, depression, gay marriage and endangered animal.

Being the largest online community in Taiwan, Dcard, which is popular among young people, has 4 million members and 1.5 billion monthly traffic. The most of Dcard's users is between age 18-24 (67.6%).

In 2019, Dcard's members created 2.45 million articles, 25 million comments, and 150 million reactions (meaning the emoji on Dcard). There are nearly 400 boards on Dcard, including colleges and universities, current affairs topics, emotional mood, eating, drinking and playing, studying and working and other topics that young people care most about.

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