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Waa secretly appeared at the Dcard on the Street as a masseuse in disguise

Waa moved fans with her new song "彼個所在 (where is it)".
Marketing2020 / 02 / 05

Dcard, Taiwan’s largest online community for young people, once again made a surprise move. Dcard asked Wei Ruxuan (waa wei), singer, to disguise as a masseur to surprise her fans!

Dcard invited Dcard users to share their secret stories in the event "Secret Stories Hidden in the Heart" in response to Waa's latest album (Hiding is not forgetting). Before the YouTube filming, Waa had learned several massage techniques from a professional masseur. While given the massage by Waa, the lucky user did not recognize that she was the masseur and was calming sharing their secret stories.

Waa said that "when I heard about this massage project, I thought that fans would have discovered my existence very early. I didn't expect the users to wait until I started singing to recognize it was me! ".

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