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Dcard launches online commencement ceremony for 270,000 graduates

More than "68,000" Dcard members expressed their opinions! Dcard showed what 22-30 year old care about for the first time. They care about compensation in job hunting; they don't quit without having found the next job; they are fine with long-distance relationship.
Operation2020 / 06 / 04

Graduation season is coming!

Affected by the epidemic this year, colleges and universities have reduced the scale of physical graduation ceremonies. In response, Taiwan’s largest youth community, Dcard, launched the "Online commencement ceremony", inviting influencers in various fields to inspire young people:

  • Taiwan's Digital Minister, Audrey Tang,

  • founder of Teach for Taiwan, Anting Liu,

  • musician, William Wei (Weibird),

  • artiste slash representative, Lulu,

  • graphic writer Ba Xuan,

  • founder of a shirt Huang Shanliao, and

  • founder of Yiqi Movement Xu Peiyi

to Dcard Share their experience as young adults.

Dcard also issued a fun online quizzes to revealed the choices of these young adults in work, life, and love and received more than 68,000 responses.

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